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Operating Agreement

Operating Agreement

An Operating Agreement is a contractual agreement between all partners, members, and/or officers of a company in which ownership, managerial, and administrative information is detailed. This is an important contract which helps establish ownership stakes and decision making ability.


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  • Why Do I Need An Operating Agreement
  • Operating Agreements are internal agreements between the owners of the business. This agreement will help indicate the different positions and responsibilities of each owner.
  • Your Banking Agency
  • When you Purchase Your Property
  • When you Sell your Property
  • For all Owners To Know Their Specific Interests in the Company
  • To Avoid Confrontations Between Owners
  • For Management and Responsibility
  • What Info Do I Need To Create an Operating Agreement?
  • In order for a proper operating agreement to be formed, please indicate the exact ownership interest and capital investments of each partner. Please note that all operating agreements should be reviewed by an attorney.
  • How Long Does It Take?
  • Once ContadorMiami received the proper information, it will take 3-5 business days to form. We will deliver the operating agreement to you for all signatures required. You should deliver a copy of the fully executed operating agreement to all owners/partner and should store it in a safe place. We can store a digital copy for you on your Cloud Based Online Portal.
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