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Remove Penalties

Remove Penalties

If you have received a penalty letter from the government, you probably owe money to the IRS or State Government. We can help you remove or lower these penalties. Don’t pay the government until you have us do some research. We’ve saved our customers thousands of dollars by fighting these unwanted penalties.

Here are some examples of penalties and how we can help:

LLCs that are filled late

If you don’t file an extension by April 15, you will be charged a penalty for a late filing. The penalty is $195/month for each partner. This means if you have 2 partners total and you are 2 months late you will owe a penalty of $195 x 4 or $780 .

If we succeed

You Pay $99

We save you $780

Your additional fee: $780 x 10% = $78

Total Cost To You: $99 + $78 = $177

Total Savings: $780 -$177 = $603 or 77% Savings

Call us today for more information. We’ll do our best to reduce how much you owe to the IRS



Also on your SmartPhone

Our latest feature allows you to have full access to all your tax returns and tax documents on your SmartPhone and/or Internet. If you have an Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, or even an Android, our APP works perfect for you. All your tax returns instantly at your fingertips.

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